PhotoGrid_1428817574422Welcome to Kandie’s Coaching Services, LLC.

My name is Kandie and I am an Enterprenuer, Founder of K.A.N.D.I.E. Foundations, Inc for single mothers and a Life Coach who services anyone who is stuck in their Business, Relationships, Careers, Goal setting as well as Single Parenting and Personal development. As a Life Coach I assist clients to creating the life they dreamed. It is never to late to go after what your heart desires.

Through my coaching techniques, clients feel safe and secure to unwind and be themselves. I work with individuals who are tired of being sick and tired of the same old routine in career, business or relationships. I help discover self-awareness, road blocks, repetitive behaviors and bad habits.

My mission is to unravel the mystery behind your dreams and start living a life so good that you can almost taste it. I thrive to rebuild, transform, empower, inspire and motivate the lives of those who is broken and help them avoid future disasters.

Let me help you get out of you comfort zone and discover new possibilities. There is no greater love then loving yourself. Being able to invision yourself beyond your limits is a great gift. Do not wait another day. Start now. Use me as your guide on the road to success. Find your path and begin your journey.