About Me

SherPhotoGrid_1428817382907-1ly Hyppolite better known as Kandie was born in Haiti, the city of Port-au-Prince. At the age of 2yrs, she came to NYC and lived in Central Park, Manhattan.

As a young child Kandies dream was to become an aspiring r&b superstar. At the age of 10yrs old in Junior H.S. Kandie wrote her first rap/song called, “Being in love”. Friends and classmates gave her a tremendous great amount of good feedback and complimented her on her voice but, the lyrics that she had written was the topic of discussion. Her songwriting skills managed to be simultaneously deeply personal and universal.

Kandie was a Life Coach as well as a Motivational speaker even in her artistry as a singer/songwriter. Her trials and tribulations inspired her to write lyrics to Motivate and Empower women. She believes that each person can find their life purpose through his/her story.

Kandies extroadinary story will captivate all hearts from being a teen mom, married then divorced to being a single mother. She converts to earning her Associates degree in Science at the age of 31. She then founded a non-profit organization called K.A.N.D.I.E. (Keeping A New Drean In Effect) Foundation, inc for single mothers and owner of a Life Coaching practice named Kandie Coaching Services, LLC.

This is to inspire women and to teach them that no matter how old or how much kids you have, it is never to late to Keep A New Dream In Effect!!

Kandie now resides in Brooklyn and has three beautiful children Shian, Shamal and Shyna.