“When I came to Kandie, I did not know what I really wanted.  I just knew I had to be in a better place then where I was.  We sat down, she gave me a questionnaire  to fill out.  Based on the questionnaire we developed a plan of action.  It was that simple.  I am currently working on our plan and feel closer to my goal.”

Feel closer to my goal

“During my divorce, I felt broken, lost, unwanted and feared for my kids.  I really had no clue  where or how to start over.  I was invited to one of Kandies seminars and heard her speak for the first time about letting go .  As she was speaking it hit me.  It was like she was talking to me.  It felt like she was reading my mind. I met her at the end and we talked as if we knew eachother for a long time.  I asked for private sessions and scheduled an appointment the next day.”

It was like she was talking to me

“Kandie is a great coach  I am super excited to work with her again.  This is my third time meeting up with her and it is always a pleasure.  I got so much out of our session that I am motivated to start on my career.”

Kandie is a great coach

I was amazed to get great results after my 30min consultation.  Kandie was on point asking me questions that I never thought of asking myself.  She really had me going.  I cannot wait to start our 1st session.  Thanks Kandie!”

I was amazed